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Instrument Month-To-Month (M2M) Plan

Reconditioned Instruments

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All rental instruments come with our FREE "No Hassle" Repair & Replacement Protection Plan
  • Repair or replacement of any rental instrument due to accidental damages, fire, theft and vandalism!
  • Free replacement of included accessories such as broken mouthpieces, oils, and swabs! (excludes reeds and lost parts)
  • Free repair loaners!
  • Free weekly service to over 20 local school districts. Click here to see when we will be at your school next!
  • Get a generous rate discount simply by using your checking account for the autopay payments. 
We make renting an instrument easy!
  • No long term obligation - pay only for the first month upfront, then month-to-month.
  • Earn rent credit toward the purchase of a new instrument.  Up to 2 months for band and up to 12 months for stringed instruments!
  • Easy monthly automatic payments from a checking account  or major credit / debit card.
Follow these steps to start the online rental process:
  1. Select your City, School and Teacher from the drop-down menus.

  2. Select the instrument you would like to rent from the drop-down menu. On the left side of the line, select the instrument with either the discounted checking account autopay rate, or the regular rate for a credit or debit card autopay.  Click "Select" to continue with the rental process.

  3. Next you will create an account or if you already have an online rental account, you will need to login to continue.

  4. Select the accessories you need, and fill in the required information. That's it!

Rental Rates & Included Accessories 

Instrument Monthly Rental Rate w/ Checking Autopay Monthly Rental Rate w/Debit or Credit Card  Included Accessories
Flute $22 $24 Case, Cleaning Rod
Clarinet $22 $24 Case, One Reed, Swab, Cork Grease
Trumpet $22 $24 Case, Valve Oil
Trombone $22 $24 Case, Slide Lubricant
Bell / Percussion Kit $14  $16 Backpack Bag, Practice Pad
Alto Saxophone $37 $41 Case, One Reed, Swab, Cork Grease, Strap
Oboe $37 $41 Case, One Reed, Swab, Cork Grease
Wood Clarinet $37 $41 Case, One Reed, Swab, Cork Grease
Tenor Saxophone $44 $49 Case, One Reed, Swab, Cork Grease, Strap
French Horn (Single) $44 $49 Case, Rotary Valve Oil
Baritone / Euphonium $44 $49 Case, Valve Oil
Violin $22 $24 Case, Bow, Rosin
Viola $22 $24 Case, Bow, Rosin
Cello $33 $37 Case/Bag, Bow, Rosin, Rock Stop
  1. When selecting your instrument, choose the option with discounted checking autopay rate.
  2. When checking out, you will still be required to enter a major credit card for identity verification purposes -your card will NOT be charged.
  3. Select the box next to "Please use my checking account for the monthly autopay."
  4. Enter your bank's 9-digit routing number (usually the first set of digits on the bottom of a check), and your checking account number (usually the second set of digits on the bottom of a check) in the provided fields.
We will process the payment for your first month of rent and any purchased accessories at this time, which reserves the instrument and covers use of the instrument for the first month AFTER the student receives it. 

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If you have any questions during the rental process, please email us at [email protected].


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