Snark titanium Clip-On Tuner

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The new Snark ST-8 Titanium tuner uses titanium metal plus a rubber "sound shield" to diffuse unwanted ambient sound waves.

Since surrounding instruments or voices can be the enemy of accurate tuning, the titanium rubber ‘Sound Shield’ ensures that the instrument’s note played is delivered, devoid of unwanted external frequencies, as titanium is well known among scientists for its vibration-blocking characteristics.

Following the original flagship design that has become the biggest selling Snark clip-on tuner, the new Snark ST-8 Titanium Rechargeable includes all the innovative features that have made Snark the number-one choice for musicians around the world.

With just one fast charge from any USB port including a PC or power bank, the onboard lithium battery will deliver weeks to months of continuous use, for hassle-free unmatched performance. Tuning is extremely fast with a lightning-speed response, with a fully chromatic pitch calibration between 415-466Hz, and effortlessly handles the lower regions of baritone or multi-string bass guitars, where low notes and overtones can often confuse less responsive tuners.

Manufacturer: Snark